Rerooted PW Momoko CCS ae Kogumaza Princess of Queen Cat and Deer

She has been rerooted by DK Dolls on FLickr, and I am delighted with the result :). It is even better than what I hoped when I sent her ;).

Madison 06

Madison 04

Madison 09

Madison 11

Dress and socks : wimukt

Shorts and shoes : Momoko

Flowers : Maggimini

PW Momoko ae ahcahcum

Last girl to join the crowd. Her coloring is very unusual, as if she was all black and white except for her lips. Maybe a little bit too conceptual for an actual doll, but she’s definitely cuter in person and in antoher outfit than in her promo pics, IMHO.

Eira 07

Eira 05

She can look very different depending on the angle and the light :

Eira 02

Dress and belt : Cangaway

Shoes and legwarmers : Momoko

PW Momoko ae Mary Magdalene

I was inspired by a french tv series I came across this summer, the main character has a very colorful style, very pale blue eyes and fiery red hair so I thought little miss Miyu would make a great cosplay of her :p.

ae Mary Magdalene

ae Mary Magdalene


Dress and coat : Clear-Lan

Stockings : MissMomoko

Bag : The Vogue

Shoes : Momoko


BONUS : Behind the scene

ae Mary Magdalene

ae Mary Magdalene