Last girl from 2015 : PW Momoko Citron Reaction Black

A very favorite here :). See you in 2016 😉 !

Marion 54

Marion 51

Dress : Endangered Sissy (Blythe size, but the fit is really good on Momoko)

Bracelet : Poppy Parker

PW Momoko 12SS Citron Reaction black

Ok, so all these years I tried to avoid getting Momoko twins because I already have a lot of these littles ladies but… I also always wanted to see how Citron Reaction black would look without her hair behind her left ear AND I didn’t want to ruin her original look so… :).  And she looks great both ways ♥, she really is one of my favorites :).

12SS Citron Reaction Black Duo

The relaxed hair gives her a roaring 20’s vibe, I think :).

CCS 12SS Citron Reaction

CCS 12SS Citron Reaction

Hat : Dynamite Girl

Dress : Clear-Lan

Shoes : Momoko