Galaxy Express 999

The super talented Joana from SquishTish made this PERFECT Maetel’s outfit from the anime “Galaxy Express 999” and I couldn’t be happier with the result :). So, I had a little fun with editing this time ;).

Maetel 15C

Maetel 16B

Andy Warhol Momoko

Obviously inspired by the Andy Warhol Barbie’s release ;).

Harvest Moon was the perfect candidate ;).

Robyn 24

Robyn 25


Tank top and glasses : Barbie
Jacket and shoes : Momoko
Jeans : Clear-Lan

PW Momoko ae ahcahcum

Last girl to join the crowd. Her coloring is very unusual, as if she was all black and white except for her lips. Maybe a little bit too conceptual for an actual doll, but she’s definitely cuter in person and in antoher outfit than in her promo pics, IMHO.

Eira 07

Eira 05

She can look very different depending on the angle and the light :

Eira 02

Dress and belt : Cangaway

Shoes and legwarmers : Momoko

Last girl from 2015 : PW Momoko Citron Reaction Black

A very favorite here :). See you in 2016 😉 !

Marion 54

Marion 51

Dress : Endangered Sissy (Blythe size, but the fit is really good on Momoko)

Bracelet : Poppy Parker