PW Momoko 12NY Home Amethyst

My prettiest Momoko, IMHO. Some of them are cute, sassy, young, feminine or boyish, but when I look of Amethyst I am always impressed by how “simply” pretty she is (and I mean this in a good way, it’s just a pleasure to look at her, she’s perfect).  I think you can tell by how many pictures there are on this post ;).


Gemma 57

Gemma 62

Gemma 59

Gemma 56

Gemma 61

Gemma 64


Top : Pullip Chelsea

Pants : Clear-Lan

Boots : Blythe Wendy Weekender

Bracelet : Mattel


Night Peacock

This was the perfect name for this girl and her amazing teal eyes :).

I would have preferred longer bangs at first, but she’s unique the way she is, and I’m not sure she would look better after all :).


Night Peacock

Night Peacock


Outfit : A la mode de Didier

Shoes : Momoko


PW Momoko 12SS Home White Frost

I’ve been tagged on Flickr, and I *love* to play tag games so… I tried to dress this little lady as Karl Largfeld, but it went a little too young and cool looking :p.

White Frost

White Frost


Jacket : Clear-Lan
Tie : Azone
Shirt, glasses and shoes : Momoko
Pants : Hegemony77
Purse : Barbie Hervé Léger
Gloves : Integrity Toys Dani (maybe ^^;;; )