CCS Momoko Today’s 1604

She is REALLY lovely but I had quite a few issues with her… Her head is very soft, very… squishy ? Momoko heads are usually less soft (I once had an Outdoor Boyish Momoko whose head was SUPER hard, but only once), it gives her a cheap finish, IMHO. Her body is the first Sekiguchi version, it would be nice to specify which kind of body is used for the new relaeses… And finally, her hair was awful, greasy, badly styled and with coarse ends. So, I’m not really thrilled with her quality, and this is a pity because otherwise she is so pretty ♥.

Amélie 07

Amélie 03

Amélie 06

Before the boil perm :

Amélie 02

BONUS : Behind the scenes

24 04 2016 02

Sweater : PandoAndMom

Skirt and purse : Barbie

Shoes : Momoko