Sekiguchi Momoko A Droplet of Sand

I gave her a night long conditioner shampoo and trimmed her hair., it did not make a big change but at least her hair smells soooooo good now :).

I don’t really care anymore, she’s so pretty I can “forget” her bad hair quality.


A Droplet of Sand  A Droplet of Sand


Dress : Jiajia
Stockings : Squish.Tish / Squishtish
Shoes : Momoko

2 thoughts on “Sekiguchi Momoko A Droplet of Sand

  1. Yoshi, Tu as trouvé LA couleur ! Cette robe turquoise est idéale pour mettre en valeur les yeux de ta Belle et les parements blancs lui gardent cette aura de fraîcheur. Bien jolie !

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