Petworks Momoko Today’s Azone & Today’s 1405

They are a lot more different than I thought when I ordered Today’s 1405. So, a little comparison :

TA & T1405

Today’s 1405 has a rounder face, slightly flatter on top. Her eyes are also bigger and her pupils fuller. I’ve been told that she has fuller lips too, it’s not too obvious to me but it’s possible when I compare her to 14SS Bl and her red lips.

TA & T1405

TA & T1405

TA & T1405

Today’s Azone : dress and shoes – Momoko

Today’s 1405 : Top, necklace and shoes – Momoko
                       Pants  – Clear Lan


BONUS : Behind the scenes

Behind the scene

2 thoughts on “Petworks Momoko Today’s Azone & Today’s 1405

  1. Elles sont adorables ensemble, mais tu imagines bien quelle est ma photo préférée ! Behind the scenes ! C’est ton chat, sans conteste qui emporte la vedette !

  2. Ah ça, je suis bien d’accord, mais pour moi ma minette est la huitième merveille du monde, je ne suis pas objective :).

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